“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” (Picasso) I create vibrant, stylised and symbolic artwork. Self- taught, I have developed my own style ~ and am now known as a ‘Dorset Colourist’! This is a joyful never-ending journey for: ‘As long as I can paint, I am on the Path to understanding what ‘it’ is all about.’ (Wolff)
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Caliope Art
Cali Norton Handwriting, symbols, kaleidoscopic patterns, spirals, motifs, and mandalas and in particular, Paleography, have always fascinated me…. So, I have created an original Pictographic Alphabet inspired by the Chinese Naxi script which, (alongside traditional iconic symbols) can be found in my work ~ as well as images from other ancient writing systems and Calligraphic markings. ‘Outside is form. Inside is thought. Deepest is the soul.’ (Deng Ming-Dao)